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This is for myspace but it's just fucking up my blogs hardcore. [Oct. 6th, 2008|03:58 pm]
It's almost unreal to hear you liked that post. I hear a song in nic's car as we're skating downtown that I hadn't heard since probably the beginning of High School. Instantly I remember the lyrics and they just hit me really hard later that day when we're waiting in line for gas for an hour. Later that day I kind of got into a funk because of it..Love songs always hit me, but when one hits you and stands out even years after you've heard it last and describes your current life and feelings perfectly..it'smonumental. It puts things in your current life in a certain perspective sometimes it helps, sometimes it hurts worse than anything else in the world, this song does both for me.

Other than Nerdy and maybe two other songs, this is probably the most beautiful love song lyrics that are in my "hardcore" line up once you interpret them..beautiful lyrics song is a little iffy if your not into screaming

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pot school [Sep. 29th, 2008|04:05 am]

$200 and the cost of two textbooks....for a weekend long class and top honers/valedictorian going to the "highest" scorer on the final take home test?!

WHAT!?!?! now if only it was in a FEDERAL building like a public school. This is going to be shut down pretty quickly I'm assuming. It teaches you about the legalities of growing and maintaining and selling.....UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH thats a no brainer, it's going to get caught and classes are sold out until may..I would hate to be in that room when it gets raided.
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(no subject) [Sep. 25th, 2008|03:06 am]
so i've noticed If I click on my friends page, I see three people.

How many of your are actually using htis still?
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my new car :) [Apr. 18th, 2008|12:30 pm]

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7 months ago, I last updated this [Mar. 13th, 2008|11:01 am]
[the way i am |lovedloved]
[what's playing |Shwaty Put ft. Lil Jon - that baby don't look like me]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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(no subject) [Aug. 18th, 2007|01:54 pm]
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(no subject) [Jul. 17th, 2007|01:38 pm]
My swag, and Tell 'em I said that, and da dopeman, Touchdown

are the only really really good songs on the new t.i. cd..My swag has a fucken straight up Miami Vice kind of beat, strong lyrics...and wyclef. Tell 'em I said that just has a good feel too it...everything just keeps flowing and da dopeman...not house friendly...thats a song to blare in the car and get as many stares as you possibly can. Touchdown has eminem on it and is a pretty straightforward song. not the hardest...but a solid cd..especially when the good songs on the cd last atleast four and a half mins each so even if theres only 4 or 5 I can listen to the whole cd in the back ground of conversations and be satisfied with it...it's no king thats for damn sure, or trap muzik for that...but it's still decent..i just wish it had the energy or even production style that king had.

alright...so I might be going to warped tour ALONE tommorow. :\ If I pick up two tickets would someone want to go with me?

and last night. WHOA. and I don't even know why.
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(no subject) [Jul. 12th, 2007|04:01 am]
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(no subject) [Jun. 29th, 2007|07:11 pm]
Don't like hesh, don't like rap
Kicked ol' Sally 'cause she's fat
I'm a jerk, I'm a punk
Took a shower 'cause I stunk
Smoked a bong, killed a cat
Had my nuts attacked by rats
Dad got nude, I wore a thong
For a hobby I make bombs

Went to a farm to tip some cows
Forgot that I left my pants down
Bent over to pick them up
Felt a twelve gauge up my hum-diddy-dum

one of those days.
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(no subject) [Jun. 26th, 2007|08:03 pm]
if anyone has the transplants self titled album...the one with "tall cans in the air" on it. let me know pleeease. my hard copy got stolen :(
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